copenhagen specs Dinner Party
Saturday March 7, 2022

copenhagen specs will host a dinner party at the restaurant, BOB Bistro in the meatpacking district in Copenhagen. 

You need to book your own place at the restaurant and you pay for your own food and drinks at the restaurant. 

Please note, that there are limited space at the restaurant. 

BOB-Biomio Organic Bistro
Halmtorvet 19
1700 København


Everything you eat or drink at BOB is 90 – 100% organic.
We are working with local suppliers and are constantly looking for better, smarter and more sustainable initiatives and collaborations, in order to contribute to a conscious way of living.

We think that upcycling is a very clever way to work around several issues. We are using beautiful water glasses made from wasted wine bottles from Borneo and Southeast Asia. Each product is handmade from small family industries without burdening the environment. We are part of a still growing green network in Denmark, where we are getting green inspiration across businesses.

BOB-Biomio Organic Bistro stands on three fundamental pillars, funding our work and approach to the restaurant and food area in Copenhagen.

Guests - Ecology - Sustainability
Our love for ecology is endless and even the gin in our cocktails is organic. Vi believe that being organic is part of the solution concerning sustainable production and responsible service.

Our suppliers are a part of the story you enter when you are visiting BOB. Therefor it is important for us to know our collaborators.