Who: CocoSong

From: Italy

Booth no.: F1

Sales contact: Tue Strange

Sales contact: Hans Christian Hansen


MADE IN ITALY, HANDMADE PROCESS, NATURAL FIBERS: Thousand-year-old stories told by carvings our eyewear. This gives off an innate and innocent sensuality, we spell as COCO: the Latin patronymic “cosmas” for “harmony through beauty”. The tradition of jewelry forges invisible integrated spring hinge inside temples and decoration. Silk is known as the Queen of all textile fibres because of its sheen and luster. East and West meet an avant-garde design style: COCOSONG always tests the barriers and boundaries of the modern world of luxury design. A love for the Oriental SONG dynasty. Imperial aesthetes who shaped the vibrant concept of luxury and beauty from East to West. The sensual touch of silk and the delicacy of a feather close to the esoteric and glamorous meaning of a precious stone with remote oriental meanings such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, white how-lite, tiger eye. The COCOSONG lady is a queen of delicate and delicious sensuality, mysterious when you look at her, but mesmerizing for her aesthetic full of charm.

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