Who: FEB31st

From: Italy

Booth no.: F1

Sales contact: Tue Strange

Website: Eye-eye.dk/

FEB31st was born 10 years ago into a world where restrictions and impossibilities would often prevent dreams from becoming reality. 

Our dream was to be able to utilise earths natural resources to create individual bespoke eyewear free from creative restriction with a zero waste policy and minimum impact on our environment.

Made at our facility in Bergamo using FSC approved wood from controlled plantations only, we offer a different approach to eyewear production with a philosophy that is our core belief.




To be SUSTAINABLE in both material and manufacturing is our commitment the world we all live in. 

Using FSC approved wood from controlled plantations, damaged wood from storms and fires, ancient fossil woods, nickel free metals, water based finishes and organic oil treatments.

We feel RESPONSIBLE about the footprint we make in our beautiful world.

All our frames are made to order, we have no stock inventory, every single piece of eyewear going through our production has an owner in waiting. All considerations are made to ensure our manufacturing process has minimum impact on our environment with zero waste.

To create BESPOKE eyewear is our true obsession. 

The unique way each FEB31st frame is manufactured allows the individual total freedom and creativity. Choose from a colour palette of over 80 different colours and wood grains which can then be configured in any combination you desire to give an unlimited number of design permutations and possibilities.

This is why we are called FEB31st

It looks like this is impossible but it is not.

It looks like this would never exist but it does.

It looks like FEB31st


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