Who: Prodesign

From: Denmark

Booth no.: xx

Sales contact: Signe Iversen


Originality in variation

How do you bridge true originality with an ambition to make eyewear for everyone? The answer is variation — in colour, shape, size and form.

In true Prodesign spirit our new concepts feature a wide variety of styles all deeply rooted in our Danish design heritage and understanding of what creates a real quality product. We are introducing a variety of designs that feature: Matte and shiny surfaces combined with a wide selection of colours and sizes — in each and every concept. There is always two or three models with extra colours in male, female and unisex shapes. With larger sizes and even more flamboyant styles — especially for our female concepts.

We’ve kept up with trends but made sure to respect our Danish style DNA, designing brand new concepts built on historically strong concepts. Original in their details, quality and of course: Variation.

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