Lectures Saturday, March 7, 2020

This year we have together with HOYA made a lecture for the visitors at copenhagen specs. We want to use the opportunity to give something back to the visitors.


Petri Eskola , Global Marketing PMO Manager at HOYA
- Saturday 7/3 at 13.00 and again at 16.00


Petri Eskola is an expert in lens fitting, lens technology and sales tools, Petri also has a solid background in implementing best practices at the shop level, having managed a number of shops before joining HOYA. He is an expert in avoiding adaptation problems through the use of different lenses. Previously he was Category Development and Education Manager (EMEA), where he focused on empowering product and clinical teams to deliver best-in-class customer oriented educational and product solutions. He will have an interesting lecture during copenhagen specs, about optics and non-adaptation problems, and will give great tips and advice to bring back to the store.

About Petri Eskola

Petri has a degree in optometry and is a licensed contact lens specialist. In 2013 he finalised his postgraduate study for the licensed use of the following diagnostic medicines during eye examinations: cyclopentolate, tropicamide, oxybuprocaine and phenylephrine.

He have over 15 years of experience working in health care. He work as Global Marketing PMO Manager, focusing on commercialising one of the most innovative vision care product ever created called MiYOSMART, aimed to slow down global pandemia of rapid myopia growth.

Please note that you need headphones to listen to the lectures. There are only 60 set of headphones available. It's first come, first served.