Lectures Sunday, March 8, 2020

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This year we have together with The Association of Optometrists in Denmark and Independent Optical Group Nordics made some lectures for the visitors at copenhagen specs. We have booked some very skilled lecturers, who have a lot of experience within their fields. 

The lectures will focus on getting more customers to come to your shop, to learn to understand the “customer journey”, how to use the right marketing tools and be effective with very few means, how you easily and effective can make a business model for you shop and so on.

Note that you need headphones to listen to the lectures. There are only 60 set of headphones available. It's first come, first served. 


The customer journey
- Sunday 8/3 at 11.00 and again at 13.00

by: Mogens Bjerre, Associate Professor, Phd på Copenhagen Business School

Get a better insight and learn how to understand your customers better. And how to give them a much better experience both before, during and after their visits and any in-store purchases. By understanding your customers better, you can give them an even better experience in the "customer journey"

How do customers actually experience the encounter with the opticical shop? - And what thoughts have gone through their heads before they arrive?

The customer journey can be divided into three steps - before, during and after the store visit. come, or what do they think they know?

Glasses are not just functional, they also need to make the customer look good!

So, there are a lot of emotions at stake - and they are often very crucial to the overall experience - and thus the remembrance of what happened.


Effective Marketing
- Sunday 8/3 at 11.30 and again at 13.30

by: Rasmus Arendt Nielsen, Co-founder af Brandheroes

We live in a still more hyper-complex media landscape, where new medias and marketing platforms are booming. An average scandinavian consumer is exposed to 3500 commercial messages every day across online an offline medias.

This overexposure have caused the consumers to develop highly effective mental spam filtres that filters out all irrelevant push communication, which makes it extremely difficult to get the attention of the consumers.

So, how do we as marketeers with limited budgets initiate our marketing activities so our key messages will bypasses the mental spamfilter of the consumers?  

We have long agreed that in our marketing, we must keep our target audience in mind, so let’s talk directly to your target audience through their target audience.

Marketing through ordinary people and the digitalization of one the oldest disciplines within the field of marketing - Word-Of-Mouth will be the headlines of the presentation and you’ll be doing home with concrete ideas and new perspectives on how you as retailers can utilize the fact that every customer is influential - especially if they are active on social medias.


Make a clear plan for your business
Sunday 8/3 at 12.00 and again at 14.00

by: Søren Lindhardt, shareholder, lecturer and business adviser at Onmondo

When it comes to business development, the biggest challenge of all may be, that we are best at looking at our business from the inside out, when it should be the other way around.

Søren Lindhardt talks about how you can easily and effectively prepare a plan for your business with the Business Model Canvas tool, which ensures that - in addition to looking from the outside and into your business - you also get employees, partners, suppliers and customers to contribute to an increased result.

6 million business owners and executives in Europe have already discovered the power of this unique tool that easily helps you develop and maintain your business plan in just one piece of paper.

With the model you get focus on everything from customers, channels, key activities, resources and more.