Who: Allpoets

From: Spain

Booth no.: F2

Sales contact: Gianmaria Mazzoleni


Allpoets, an eyewear brand to change the world
On a planet headed for environmental disaster and ever greater social injustice, the voice of Allpoets stands as a lighthouse to hope and to the desire to form part of desperately needed change.
A Poet is anybody brave enough to raise their voice in order to change the world. To be a poet is to rebel. Not to resign oneself.
We are all poets.
All who break the rules, who are ready to strive for equality and diversity, freedom and justice, in short, for a better world.
For there is no limit.
We must change the way we live, consume.
Just because something has always been done one way or another, doesn’t mean it’s right.
Allpoets is a commitment to the future. Because the time is NOW.
The world belongs to us and we to the world.
We must be aware, respectful and learn to live together

Allpoets proudly presents its first collection, based on concepts such as sustainable consumption and ethical production. Each item of Allpoets eyewear is designed for people who seek top quality at an affordable price.

A timeless collection of minimalist basics comprising 42 different models in acetate and metal. 32 prescription frames and
20 sunnies for an ISCC certified modern collection of BIO eyewear. Every single Allpoets frame is made form, CRT (Carbon
Renewed Technology) acetate, created by the Mazzuchelli - Eastman partnership.

Allpoets has a clear mission: to change the way the industry consumes, creating eyewear with awareness. Top quality pieces that call out for a more conscious, more sustainable way of life.

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